Preemie Patterns

Use your God given talent & bless others with your love, time, & resources.

Here is a pattern for a simple Cap and Booties.   I have used them to knit for several charity projects. The addresses can be found at the end of the patterns.

Preemie size CAP

Using Fingering OR Baby weight yarns you will also need a pair of size 2 needles.
 I prefer to take a set of double points and place a rubber point protector on one end of two of them; this allows me to knit on short manageable needles.

Cast on (CO) 72 stitches (sts)
Knit (K) 2, Purl (P)2 ribbing for 1” (about 7 rows)
Change to Stockinette stitch (ST st) knitted like this :  K one row, P the next row, repeat Work for 2 inches.

Decrease as follows:
*K10, K 2 together (tog)*, repeat across the row                          Preemie Cap
Knit ½” (3 rows) more in ST st.

*K9, K 2 together*, repeat across the row
Knit ½” more in ST st.

*K8, K 2 together*, repeat across the row
K ½” in ST st.

Measure off about 12 inches of yarn and cut from the skein.

Use a blunt point Darning needle to draw through the remaining stitches on the needle. Go through twice if possible. Then seam down the side making as thin a seam as possible
Add a small Pompom to the top to finish it off.


Preemie Booties

Use the same yarn you made the cap from; but change to size 4 needles     Booties

CO 48 sts
Knit in Garter st like this: k every st of every row: for 18 rows

Bind off (BO) 16 sts at the beginning of row, k remaining sts
BO 16 sts at the beginning of the row; this is on the opposite end of the work

You now have only 16 sts in the middle of the piece of knitting; work 6 rows again in Garter st

Decrease as follows: K2 tog, K12, K2 tog.
                                  K2 tog, K8, K2 tog.

Now K2 tog, repeating across the row.

Measure off about 12” of yarn and cut from the skein.  Use the Darning needle to gather up the remaining sts, secure and sew up the front & back seams.

~~The seams will appear on the outside as the cuff  is to be turned down; so be as neat as you can.  You might try to reverse the side you place the seam on.

Turn down the cuff on the bootie.   Knit another one the same.


CONGRADULATIONS!     You have just completed a pair of booties and a cap for a precious small newborn child.  In fact you have “Knit Someone warm with your Love”


Contact your local Hospitals that have NICU facilities.  They may need and accept your handy work as mine has so graciously done.