Instructional Videos on Stained Glass
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1. Getting Started Getting Started in Stained Glass--I highly recommend the book by Randy Wardell,
      ""Introduction To Stained Glass". A Morton cutting Surface (Mini or Maxi) is a must to contain and
      "control" glass shards as you cut. The Basics in Tools is pair or Running pliers, Breaker/Grozers,
      Glass Cutter (Pistol grip, my favorite), and cutting oil.Of course, ther are many more tools that will
      "make this an easier craft, as you progress.

2. Prepping the Glass Preparing the Glass-- Our mantra here is "Clean Glass cuts Cleanly"
      I prefer to use Windex with Ammonia to clean glass. My paper towel of choice is Bounty.
      "YES, you must clean both sides of the glass.
      Remove any adhesive paper labels also. The second verse of our mantra is
      "Warm Glass cuts Cleanly". This means that in Winter and Fall months you must be sure the glass is not chilled.

3. Glass Cutter Glass Cutters-- There is a wide range of cutter styles. The one that we use is the Pistol Grip.
      "It was created for the older/senior wrists of glass workers as well as those suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome.
      "This cutter is very easy for most to use and the price is mid range also

4. Running Pliers Running Pliers-- Glass prefers to break in a straight line. Knowing this beforehand, the correct use
      "of Running pliers makes this job a snap. The set screw is on top, facing the ceiling and is adjusted to each glass
      "thickness thus making the separation of glass a gentle squeeze away.

5. Choosing the Copper Foil Copper Foil Choices-- Since most stained glass is 1/8th" thick, the regular choice of
      "Copper Foil Tape is 7/32" wide. This allows for sufficient wrapping of the front, edge and back surfaces of the glass.
      "The thickness of the foil needs to be 1.25 mil for the average project.
      "The adhesive on the back of the foil is chosen for several reasons. What is the finished patina of the piece?
      "Adhesive strength is also an issue. Black seems tackiest, copper is nearly as tacky and silver back is less tackier
      "than the others and must be applied with greater concern.

6. Foiling Basics Foil Application--Watch the video and if you have questions feel free to contact me at 770-789-5724. :o}
      "Always use a Foil Caddy and sharp Craft knife.