Stained Glass Boxes

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Bevel Cupboard Top Chest Box Bevel Cupboard
Top Chest
Van Gogh Glass Box with legs
Van Gogh on Legs
Blue Star Box
Blue Star
Deep Sea Dolphin Chest

Deep Sea Dolphin Chest
Diamond Sides Bevel Box

Diamond Sides Bevel
Etched Sparkle Box
Etched Sparkle
Green & Copper Beauty Box

Green & Copper Beauty
Greeen House Box
Green House
Happy Birthday Box
Happy Birthday Special
Lily Pad Box
Lily Pad Box
Harmony Triangle Box

Triangle Boxes
Lone Moose Chest

Lone Moose Chest
Nugget & Wire Flower Box
Nugget & Wire Flower
Six Sided Box using very Delicate Glass
Six Sided Confetti Box
Princess Blue Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Boxes
Purple Pansy Chest
Purple Pansy Chest
Pyramid Vessel Box

Pyramid Vessel
Red Delight Box
Red Delight
Rose Bud Box
Rose Bud
Amber Box with Face

Serenity In Amber
Sun Shy & Earth Chest
Sun Sky & Earth
Tooth Fairy Trio

Tooth Fairy Boxes
Wood Top & Base with Tulip

Wooded Top &
Base Tulip
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose
Treasure Chest
Blue Box with Legs
Blue Box on Legs
Two Drawer Chest

Two Drawer Chest

Large Box with
Hand Blown Glass

Water Glass Box
With Flower

Large Box With
Decorative Solder

All Decked Out

Floral on Aqua

Hearts in Flowers

The Bud

Little Hex

Beach Keepsake

Regal Rose Box

Box With
a Face

Box With
Confetti Top

Red & Cream Box

Van Gogh with Bird

Fancy Box

Etched Box

Purple Passion

Heart Box

Zig Zag Box

Eight Sided Box

Greeen Box
with legs

Dolphin Blasted
on Glass Box

Large Decorative Box

Fancy Clear
with Green

Slant box

Hope Boxes

Dolphin Bank

Knitting Needle

Tulip Box

Large Green Box