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Please answer the following questions via e-mail so we may quote
your order using your specifications:

      A. Angels       E. Butterflies               I. Lamps
      B. Boxes        F. Miscellaneous        J. Altered Lead
      C. Birds         G. Panels                   K. Mosaics
      D. Bugs          H. Card Holders        L. Kaleidoscopes

2) Under that category - which item are you inquiring about? Each item is named and we
    refer to inventory this way.__________________________________________________
3) Do you have specific color requirements ?__________________________________
4) Do you desire a certain height_______", width_______", depth______"?
5) Do you want to specify a certain glass by a specific Manufacturer?
   Spectrum   Armstrong   Bullseye   Wissmach
   Uroboros   Youghiogheny   Kokomo
6) Do you desire any Decorative Solder work on the piece? Yes~~ No~~ or As Pictured?
7) What color Patina would you like on the finished solder? Black, Copper or the natural color of the solder
    (we will seal and polish each and every piece and finish - however the natural will not remain "silver" indefinetly)
8) We utilize a solder that is 60% Tin & 40% Lead - Is this a concern ?_____________
9) We require 10-14 days to construct each order. Does this work for you?__________
10) We gladly send E mail Pictures of each item ordered --- before shipment--- for your approval --before
    any payment is requested...Your email address is_______________________________________________________________
11) Would you prefer a personal telephone call? Number to be reached at_____________________
12) Have you read our Policy Statement concerning "Returns for Refund"?
       If not please do so before submitting an order.

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